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Achieve Your Goals at Balanced Life Chiropractic

"My mission is to extend my hand to as many people as I can. I want to help make our community a healthier place so that people can live longer, fuller and healthier lives."

Dr. Mykol Sostarich, Brighton Chiropractor

At Balanced Life Chiropractic, we know that you have the potential to be better. If you're in pain, unable to do your daily activities or want to unlock your full potential, we're here to assist you. We'll help you get through your challenge and overcome it so that you can achieve your goals.

The Triad of True Health

Much of Balanced Life Chiropractic’s philosophy of care is taken from the teachings of the developer of chiropractic, DD Palmer. He stated that ill health can come from three sources: thoughts (emotional), traumas (structural) and toxins (chemical). Each of these is involved in the principles of Applied Kinesiology, which is a primary technique our doctors use to determine the source of imbalances in your body.

You must restore balance in each of the three areas to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It’s our focus to help you improve every component. In turn, your body will be able to heal and you can return to completing your daily activities without limitations.