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Sports Rehabilitation in Brighton

Dr Marchus neck adjustmentHave you been hurt while playing your sport? Would you like to prevent an injury from occurring? Dr. Mykol at Balanced Life Chiropractic understands the toll that being active can take on your body. While in school, Dr. Mykol played college baseball; he played two years at Cerro Coso Community College and then received a scholarship to play at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. He only wishes that he had found chiropractic earlier in his baseball career because it would have helped him excel even further. Because of his athletic background, Dr. Mykol understands where athletes are coming from and he will address your needs in a holistic manner, retraining muscle groups and your overall structure. Additionally, he can perform an analyzation of your movements to make sure that you can prevent pain and injury from occurring.

Working With Your Goals

Do you want to begin training in a sport or increase your level of performance? Do you have a specific outcome within your activities that you want to achieve? Our doctors will work with you on your particular goals, no matter what they may be.

If you wish to return from an injury, we’ll help you recover as quickly as possible. Some types of injuries can take longer than others. A problem with a joint, ligament or tendon typically takes about 6-8 weeks. A muscle strain might take a little less time, about 4-6 weeks. Dr. Mykol will give you a more accurate assessment of what it will take for your recovery after your evaluation.

The New Patient Process

When you see us for sports rehabilitation, the process is much the same as it would be for a typical new patient visit. We ask that you bring in your shoes or other equipment that may assist Dr. Mykol in gaining an understanding of your problems. Some examples are knee pads, shin guards and the footwear you use during your activity.

With this additional information, he can analyze your movement and how it changes when you’re wearing your usual equipment. He may be able to identify the cause of your problem more effectively or determine which areas you can improve upon.

The Power of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

When you combine chiropractic care with stabilization exercises and strength exercises, you’ll be using the power of two impactful solutions. We’ll address any nerve interference in your body and allow you to heal again as you should. Dr. Mykol will go through every exercise and recommended movement with you so that you know precisely how best to perform them. Your entire body will get the attention it needs rather than only addressing a single part.

Would you like to get immediate attention? Call us today to schedule a same-day appointment! Late opening hours are available.

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