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Nutrition in Brighton

SupplementsAt Balanced Life Chiropractic, we address the triad of health: structure, chemical and emotional components are all included in your care with Dr. Mykol. If we find that you’re not making the progress that we would like to see with chiropractic, you may benefit from having help with your nutrition. We’ll work to identify the imbalance and determine what supplements you can benefit from taking.

The Highest Quality Products

We work exclusively with Standard Process and their whole food products. Their nutrition products go straight from their Wisconsin farm to the bottle and are then sent out all over the world. You know where it’s coming from, what it’s made of and what it’s going to do for you when you choose Standard Process. Dr. Mykol takes these products himself and believes in their efficacy in addressing a broad range of issues.

If you require improvement of a specific organ, pathway or system, you can take a Standard Process product to restore its optimal function. You might be surprised to learn that pain can occur from the inside out in your body. For example, low back pain might indicate a kidney-related problem. Pain in your shoulder could be related to your gall bladder. With Standard Process, we can address any part of your body.

No Fillers or Fads

You see commercials on television and in magazines for new products that are supposed to work miracles. Many of these products aren’t regulated, and the claims they make certainly seem questionable! Additionally, they may add unhealthy fillers to their products. By having full disclosure with their products, you can feel confident in taking Standard Process.

Finding Out Your Particular Needs

You might wonder how we can determine what your body requires to be in top health. Dr. Mykol has taken 100 hours of training in Applied Kinesiology. With this technique, he will perform muscle testing that lets your body tell us exactly what it needs and where the weaknesses are located. Then, we can recommend the supplement that is appropriate for that particular situation.

VitaminsIt’s Not About a Diet

Many people wonder if there is a particular form of diet that we’ll recommend to them. Instead of focusing on restricting your diet, we want to identify a deficiency and use a supplement to address that. If you have further questions, Dr. Mykol will be happy to discuss them with you.

Want to Learn More?

Contact us today to schedule your first appointment! You can also visit, which is a highly researched organization that tests new products and takes a closer look at the latest fads.

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