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About Us

Dr. Mykol Sostarich opened Balanced Life Chiropractic in 2019 to serve our community with natural health care. Dr. Darrin Marchus has now joined the Balanced Life Chiropractic team. In addition to chiropractic, we take a full body approach to your health by looking at daily nutrition and rehabilitation exercises.

Your Holistic Health Care Center

There are three vital components to your well-being: the structural, the emotional and the chemical. It’s our goal to provide care to patients that considers each of these elements. Since everything in your body is interconnected, it doesn’t make sense to address each aspect as separate parts. You’ll find that Balanced Life Chiropractic’s holistic approach can help you live without pain and do the things you love again.

Chiropractic is extremely effective at alleviating your discomfort. Its benefits can, however, extend even further. If you choose to have periodic checkups or let us know before a problem becomes severe, we can help you prevent issues or lessen their occurrence.

Our Array of Tools and Approaches

Dr. Mykol and Dr. Marchus are skilled in a broad range of chiropractic techniques. Along with your care, they can provide help with nutrition or sports rehabilitation. With the skills and knowledge gained in their extensive education, they’ll work with you to find what suits you best.

Chiropractic Skeptics Are Welcome!

Do you feel uncertain as to whether chiropractic is right for you? We’ve seen many patients who felt the same way. One case involved a veteran who was unable to find a solution from the local VA Hospital.

Dr. Mykol began taking care of the man, addressing his range of motion, scar tissue and muscles in his shoulder, where his pain originated. After just 2-3 weeks, the man was thrilled to tell Dr. Mykol that he could mow the lawn and reach up into his top kitchen cupboards again with no pain!

Insurance Is Accepted

We’re pleased to work with United Healthcare, Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and UMR. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment at our chiropractic office!

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