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How to Make Your Thanksgiving Healthier

mom and daughter laying in leaves smilingTender roasted turkey. Creamy mashed potatoes. Sweet and tangy cranberry sauce. Decadent pumpkin pie. Calorie-laden cocktails. With so many delectable items on the Thanksgiving table, it’s easy to see why the average American will consume a whopping 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving!

Not only can eating so much cause weight gain but it also creates inflammation in the body. People can start to get body aches, headaches and feel soreness or pain all over.

The good news is there are some things you can do to make your Thanksgiving dinner healthier. We want to help you make smarter decisions so you can keep a healthy mind and body.

Look on the Light Side

Many Thanksgiving side dishes are infused with butter, cheese, oil or sauces that pack on the calories and detract from any nutritional value the dish has. Consider steaming vegetables and adding lemon juice and seasoning. If you must add some fat consider just a bit of extra virgin olive oil.

It’s also a good idea to swap out the starches. While mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving favorite, they add a hefty carb load. Instead of starchy potatoes try mashed cauliflower.
Here are some delicious recipes to consider making this holiday:

Limit Alcohol

Not only do alcoholic beverages rack up the calories, they also increase inflammation. If you are going to imbibe, we recommend you stick to red wine as it contains antioxidants and is good for the heart and circulatory system. If you opt for alcohol beyond red wine, limit to 1-2 drinks.

Get Moving

Sure it may be tempting to head for the couch for post-dinner football. Instead, get outside to play a game of football or take a walk around the neighborhood. By moving, you’re helping to start the process of digesting some of those calories.

Put Chiropractic Care on the Menu

Plates brimming with food plus inactivity that often follows dinner may mean your joints become painful and stiff. Chiropractic care can help keep the entire body properly aligned, which may allow you to enjoy optimal health.

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